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Winter 2021 Update (August)

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At the Committee of Management meeting on August 23, the following was decided in relation to returning to games after lockdown for our Winter 2021 season:
The EDJBA will return to playing as soon as possible after lockdown is relaxed, subject to venue availability, and the season will be extended to the 18th September. Possible scenarios for the remainder of the season are:
• September 4 return – regular season games Sept 4 & 11, placing games Sept 18
• September 11 return – regular season games Sept 11, placing games Sept 18
• September 18 return – placing games
• If we are unable to return to playing by September 18, the Winter season will be abandoned
• The September 18 placing games will be 1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8, 9v10. They will be regularly timed games with no introduction or presentations.
• Teams will have the option to request byes if they do not have sufficient players to play on 18th Sept. Clubs will liaise with teams closer to the time.
We hope that we will be back on the court soon!

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