Life Members

EDJBA Life Members

Name Year appointed
David Hickman 1980
Leon Lucas 1985
Dawn Cleland 1987
Lorraine Bradshaw (dec) 1987
Ian Meddings (dec) 1990
Don White 1992
Bill Voellner 1992
Terry Thomas (dec) 1993
Roslyn Shannon 1994
Michelle Behrens 1996
Kay Mithen (dec) 1996
Lee Paterson (dec) 1996
Brenda Gladwell (dec) 1999
Sandra Tarry 2001
Neil Behrens 2001
Paul Haskings 2002
Lexie Lattanzio 2002
Tracey Paterson 2009
Bill Rewell 2012
Pam Meddings 2015

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