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Finals Allocation Policy

How many Home Finals does each Club get?

Finals are allocated to Clubs proportionally based on the number of teams the Club had entered in the competition for the season ie if a Club A has 10% of teams, then Club A will host 10% of semi final, preliminary finals and grand finals.

We finished higher on the ladder do we get a Home final?

No, the team finishing higher on the ladder is not guaranteed a home final.  When finals are fixtured the priorities, in order of priority, are:

  1. to provide each Club with its allocation of finals (regardless of how many teams finished higher)
  2. to ensure Coach/Player compatabilities are met
  3. to ensure teams are playing at time that is suitable to both teams, wherever possible
  4. provide home court advantage to the team finishing higher of the ladder

The majority of teams finishing higher will get a home final, however there is no guarantee of home final.

We finished on top, are we guaranteed at least one home final?

No, there is no guarantee of home final as outlined above.

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