Game Day Overview

Game Conduct:

  • Each team shall provide a competent scorer and timekeeper.
  • Do not enter coaches name in Stadium Scoring


Timing Rules:

  • Each team is entitled to two time-outs per half.
  • No time-outs allowed in the last 3 minutes of the first half.
  • The clock will stop for all whistles during the last 2 minutes of the second half.


Mercy Rule:

  • This rule shall apply to all games EXCEPT grading games and finals.
  • It shall apply to all age groups whenever one team has a lead of 20 points or more.
  • Coaches do not have the option not to claim use of the rule if losing by 20 points or more.


3 point Line:

  • The three-point rule does not apply for age groups U12 and lower. The EDJBA uses the old three point line for age groups U13 and above.


Free Throw Line:

  • The free throw line is advanced 1.8 metres for under 8 & 9 teams, and 1 metre for under 10, 11 & 12 teams.


Ball Size:

  • The following size basketball will be used:
Age Group  Boys  Girls
Under 8 to Under 11 (inclusive)  Size 5  Size 5
Under 12 to Under 14 (inclusive)  Size 6  Size 6
Under 15 and older  Size 7  Size 6


Seconds in the Key:

  • The 3 second rule is changed to 5 seconds for age groups under 12 and lower.



  • Teams shall be penalised 2 points for each player out of uniform (maximum of 10 pts per team). Shorts, singlet and numbers must be of uniform colour and not seriously faded. Number 00 is illegal and incur automatic uniform penalty from round three.


A summary of rules for different age groups is available here: Summary of rules for different age groups | EDJBA – Eastern Districts Junior Basketball Association


  • When singlet clashes occur, the home team must change tops

Balwyn (BWN) Red White
Banyule (BY) White Blue
Blackburn (BV) Orange White
Bulleen (BT) Royal Blue Yellow
Coburg Lions (CL) Grey Green
Collingwood (CW) Black White
Doncaster (D) Green White
Doreen (DOR) Dark Blue Yellow
Eltham (E) Red Black
Fairfield White Black
Greenhills (GH) Dark Green Yellow
Ivanhoe (IVE) Yellow Blue
Koonung (KN) Pale Blue Black
Marcellin (MC) Maroon White
Mill Park Titans (MPT) Orange Black
Mitcham (MT) Purple Black
Park Orchards (PK) Navy Blue Red
Warrandyte (WR) White Red
Whitehorse (WHH) Navy Blue Orange
Worawa Aboriginal College (WAC) Black Yellow

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