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Staff Announcement – Kirsten Holness

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We would like to advise that Kirsten Holness has submitted her resignation as EDJBA Operations Manager, and will be finishing with the EDJBA on Friday 22nd April.

Kirsten has worked for the EDJBA for almost five years, firstly in an administrative role, then as Competition Administrator with primary responsibility for fixturing, and last year she moved into the Operations Manager role.

Kirsten has been a very hard worker for the EDJBA and made a huge contribution to the fixturing of games and running of the competition. Since taking on the Operations Manager role last year, Kirsten has worked tirelessly to get the EDJBA teams back on court whilst complying with the myriad of additional compliance requirements due to COVID.

We sincerely thank Kirsten for her commitment to the EDJBA, and wish her all the best for the future.


John Morkham

President – EDJBA

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